Gregory Jacob, DDS explains the benefits of Novus®

Dr. Gregory Jacob talks about the benefits of Novus®, a soft denture liner, as a comfortable and convenient option for denture wearers. Dr. Jacob describes his experience with the use of Novus® and explains why it is the right choice for improving the fit and function of dentures.
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NOVUS upper denture makes hobby again possible!

During her hobby scuba diving had this patient suffered from a sudden release of the upper denture. This is also a common problem in people with apnea or people who play a wind instrument. Thanks NOVUS her prosthesis remains at all times are tight. Another satisfied patient!

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Patients report Novus Soft Denture Liner

This patient prosthedontist Wilco Feukkink recently received with NOVUS provided dentures and was visibly pleased about that. Previously, using the man forced adhesive paste, now he does not need more happy. From this report, patients appear again the benefits of NOVUS soft denture liner.

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